About Sangini

Cancer is not only a disease, the word itself has an immense impact on the psyche of the patient and family. Suddenly the feeling of impending doom, of the end of the world, creeps in. It slowly takes the patient downhill, in spite of all efforts to cure.

Feeling left alone, lost in the frustration of "Why only me?" makes them feel either depressed, wanting to give up, or rebellious to the extent that they deny treatment of any form. If they accept surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy, it acts as a double crunch, taking down even those who are positive.

They need support, counseling, care and togetherness at every step they take in order to live. We can give treatment to prolong life, but we all understand that it's more than treatment that is lacking and required to live beyond cancer.

That counseling improves the outcome is a well known fact. It not only helps them fight the disease, it also helps them tolerate the medical treatment with less side effects.

During my treatment I strongly felt the constant need for an emotional and psychological support. That was the time the concept of Sangini came into my mind.

~Dr. Anupama Negi,
Breast Cancer Survivor

Tribute to Dr. Anupma Negi, the founder and Secretary of Sangini

Dr. Anupma Negi, the founder and Secretary of Sangini, a pediatric Anesthesiologist , continued her professional and academic work on one hand and her untiring , selfless service to hundreds of breast Cancer patients until her last breath on Oct 8, 2011. Her untimely demise is a great loss to Sangini .But her inspiration and exemplary services continue to energize Sangini.On September 15, 2011, I called a meeting of cancer survivors who loved Dr. Negi and were very sad to see her deteriorating health condition and her concern for " What will happen to Sangini?" We all met at our newly acquired Sangini Breast Cancer Rehabilitation Centre with the generous support of an eminent Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Asim Negi ( husband of Dr. Anupma Negi),at Milinda Manor House at RNT Marg and we all started working together to run the centre 5 days a week on voluntary basis. This made Dr. Anupma Negi very happy and she expressed that she was assured of the continuity of Sangini by this handful ,but commited volunteers Mrs Seema Natu, Mrs Sunayana Chauradia, Mrs Neelam khandelwal,Mrs. Vaishakha Marathe,Mrs Chhaya Matange,Mrs. Mridula Tiwari,Mrs. Shruti Sharma,Mrs. Rekha Kassat, Mrs Anuradha Saxena ( volunteered to work as the coordinator .It was very emotional moment for all of us to go and sit with Dr. Negi and showed her the photo of the group and I chanted a prayer for her healing.To see that smile on her face was confirmation on all of us. We all started working with lot of enthusiasm. Unfortunately she left for heavenly abode After Dr. Anupma Negi's physical departure, the Management committeeof Sangini appointed me as the Secretary on December 3,2011 to continue and sustain its work. I was honoured to accept this opportunity of service without taking any salary or honorarium.

This core team of committed Volunteers and has not just sustained all the activities till now but have developered in larger and stronger group of unpaid Volunteers.

Dr. (Mrs) Janak Palta McGilligan
Phone: 98937-19609