Our Activities


Breast Cancer patients and their family members are explained in detail about the disease and treatment planned by their physicians. Our aim is to:

  • Motivate them to take treatment.
  • Help them overcome the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
  • Guide them for lifestyle modification. Lifestyle modification includes regular exercise, morning walk, dietary changes, meditation and trying to live a purposeful life.

Lymphoedema Management Clinic

  • Lymphoedema is the swelling occurring in the arm following treatment of Breast Cancer.
  • Its management includes exercises, manual lymphatic drainage or massage, bandaging, use of compression garment and Lymphapress machine.
  • We conduct regular workshops for lymphoedema management.

Awareness Programme

We conduct Breast Cancer awareness programmes on a regular basis under the able guidance of Dr. Seema Vijayvargiya (obstetrician & gynaecologist) and Ms. Veena Paithankar (volunteer).

The awareness programme includes teaching small groups of women about self breast examination, motivating them to undergo regular checkups and screening.

Support Group Activities

Our support group activities are created to help patients find support from other cancer survivors who can relate to their difficulties.

Providing Wig and/or Breast Prosthesis to the Patients

To help women through the changes they go through during treatment, we can provide them with wigs and breast prostheses.

Future plans

We are planning to provide nutritional supplements and medicinal help to poor patients.