Support or Join Sangini

In case you know a Breast Cancer patient or survivor you can refer them to Sangini support group. It would be a pleasure for us.

You can join Sangini as a support group member or as a volunteer and contribute with your valuable services, experience or donations.

The lower limb sleeve of the machine has been donated by eminent urosurgeon of town Dr R K Lahoti.

Our donors include Dr. Virani, Ms. Sandhya Chourdia, Mr. Narendra Wadhwa, Mr. Madhur Sharma, Dr. S. C. Jain, Mr. Gopal Agrawal, Mrs. Tuteja and others.

We extend our gratitude to our donors, patrons, and volunteers. Our patrons include Dr. Badwe and Dr. Janak McGilligan. Our volunteers include Dr. Seema Vijayvargiya, Dr. Asim Negi, Veena Paithankar, Narendra Wadhwa, Rupika, and Renuka. Without the help of these people, Sangini would not have been able to reach the masses.


If you would like to donate to Sangini, please contact us and we will provide you with the information.